by Sun Jingchen, Luo Xiongyan, Zi Huayun
Dancing Steps of the Century

An Inspection of Outstanding Dances of Modern Times

... We are living in a time that is highly developed. Science and the arts, like two birds, fly over precipitous peaks and boundless seas and demonstrate people's permanent pursuit for fineness.

In the 20th century with its highly developed civilization, science and the arts are changing rapidly. In seeking truth and goodness, people are showing their vitality in defending their ideals.

China suffered disasters in the 20th century. To shake off these difficulties and overcome the humiliation, Chinese people strove hard for a better future and promoted justice in the world.

The 20th century saw great changes in China, braving the waves of history. To relieve poverty and surpass obstacles, the Chinese people worked hard to improve its standing in the orient and added brilliance to the world.

The dances of the 20th century are forging ahead with the times.

This chapter, by introducing dancing masters and commenting on works, expounds the prosperous development of dances in the 20th century, especially after 1949. Readers will gradually enter a lively kingdom of dances.

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