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Toronto Chinese Dance Academy
BDA CDGE Chinese Dance Graded Examination Syllabus
General Information

The Toronto Chinese Dance Academy (TCDA) is one of the few dance schools in North America to offer Chinese dance classes in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examination (BDA/CDGE) syllabus. The BDA/CDGE syllabus was compiled in 1986 by the Beijing Dance Academy - the highest institute of dance in China. It is the only syllabus of its kind in the world, recognized both by the Chinese and Canadian government.

The CDGE syllabus consists of 13 grades : Grade 1-3 ( formerly primary, elementary ), Grade 4-6 ( formerly grade 1, 2 ), Grade 7-10 ( formerly grade 3, 4 ), Grade 11-13 ( formerly grade 5, 6, 7 ), and an optional examination system for students from age 5 to 20.

The syllabus aims to standardize the levels and to popularize the study of Chinese dance, as well as to improve the national artistic quality of our youths. The content of the syllabus covers Chinese classical dance (techniques and body aesthetics), national folk dances, and rhythm training. The syllabus was carefully designed with the physiological and psychological characteristics of students in each age group in mind, to achieve maximum physical benefit, as well as interest.

In 1988, the CDGE syllabus made its way outside of China to Hong Kong, then to Singapore in 1990, Canada in 1994, Malaysia and Macao in 1995, and then to Taiwan, Australia, and United States. In July 95, the first set of students in Canada completed their CDGE exams in Richmond, BC. In July 96, Toronto's first ever CDGE exams were held with over 40 area students participating. Students of the Toronto Chinese Dance Academy have participated in the exams since 1996 and continues to do well each year, with a 100% passing rate, and over 50% receiving distinction marks of Good, Excellent, and Outstanding.

At the Toronto Chinese Dance Academy, all CDGE syllabus classes are taught by experienced, professional teachers, qualified and certified by the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination Centre. It should be noted that only students recommended by qualified or certified teachers are allowed to enter the CDGE exams. All TCDA students taking syllabus classes at the Academy are administered several tests throughout the year. Students who pass all the tests will receive a TCDA certificate of completion. Students who have achieved the requirements will receive a recommendation to enter the CDGE Examinations. Normally, students are expected to qualify for entering the exams in their second year of dancing with the Academy. Extra exam preparatory classes for students are provided as needed prior to the exams.

In Toronto, the CDGE exams are held in early July each year. The examiner is flown in from the Beijing Dance Academy Examination Centre, Beijing, China. A non-refundable examination fee of $60-$80 per student, depending on the grade, will be charged by the Beijing Dance Academy. An additional facility/miscellaneous fee of $10 per students will be charged by the organization providing the location for the exam.

The exam itself involves having the students, in small groups, perform random selections of the syllabus they have learned. Students who pass the exams will receive an official certificate from the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination Centre, Beijing, China. For further information on the CDGE syllabus, please contact the Toronto Chinese Dance Academy at (905) 470-9914, or e-mail: